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Skijoring: Teaching your Dog How to Pull

Skijoring is a sport that allows your dog to pull you about while you are on skis; it’s a great way of bonding with your dog.  You need to have cross-country ski gear, a belt, a harness for your dog or dogs and a tow line.

Individuals like the idea of skijoring because it is a way for them and their dog to stay physically fit together.  Plus dogs enjoy the time spent in the great outdoors.  However newcomers to the sport may well want to know how to teach their dogs to pull. There is a very specific method and this article will address it.

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1. First you must realize, since your dog is related to the wolf he or she uses his or her instincts when engaged in any kind of sport.  Like his ancestor the dog enjoys chasing after things.  The wolf will chase deer, squirrel and all sorts of prey.  This is why your dog likes chasing after the ball you throw.

2. Secondly, dogs love to run.  The wolf will follow the path offering the least resistance …

River, Lake or Sea Kayaking Holiday Options

Where do you want to have a kayaking holiday? This is probably the first question that you ask yourself when you want to enjoy this great water sport further away from home. You can readily pick any of the popular destinations in the world. However, it is always better to narrow down the range of options by deciding on the types of kayaking vacation that you want to have.

River kayaking vacations are great choices for those who want to experience diversity. You can paddle in whitewater parts of the river and enjoy the serenity of slow waters as well. You can explore any of the great rivers on all five continents and enjoy different types of scenery and wildlife. You can kayak on the Nile or the Amazon or on rivers surrounded by picturesque canyons. In general, the choice is huge.

One great thing about river kayaking holidays is that you can readily travel along the river stopping for rest at different places. You have the option to organize the trip yourself or go for a chartered group …

How to Detect the Warning Signs of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a very real and present danger for many people. It is a leading cause of death today, and should not be taken lightly. Although many people are screened for a variety of cancers by their healthcare professionals each year, simple detection at home can catch this deadly disease early.

The first step in early detection is being aware. Check your skin monthly for new moles, particularly on your face, shoulders, arms, and legs, or other areas frequently exposed to the sun. If it helps you to keep a list or photographs, do so; it may save you considerable confusion as you try to remember which moles were there before your most recent check.

Note the size, shape, and color of the mole. If it seems abnormal, contact your doctor. If it seems normal, be sure to watch it carefully as you check your skin every month, in order to ensure it is not changing color, size, or shape.

Check the mole regularly to ensure it has not changed drastically. If a dramatic change does occur, contact …

Healthy Cooking the Vegetarian Way

Vegetarian diets are fine so long as complete attention is paid to the various nutritional requirements of the body. In this regard, a balanced diet plan helps and the Mayo Clinic has developed a food pyramid for vegetarians. According to the pyramid, healthy eating involves the daily consumption of grains, nuts, beans legumes and protein rich foods, vegetables, fruits and unsaturated fats in definite proportions. Health is affected when dietary needs do not meet the nutritional requirements of the human body causing sickness and ill-health.

One of the most common health problems is due to insufficient iron intake because readily absorbed iron is found in fish, poultry and red meats that vegetarians do not eat. Insufficient iron leads to anemia followed by fatigue, weakness, poor cognitive development and a poor immune system that allows infections to attack easily. Vegetarians need to eat foods rich in iron and increase vitamin C intake to aid the absorption of iron in the body. Healt…

How to Start Saving for the Holidays

Do you get a fist of anxiety and fear in your stomach when you start thinking about holiday spending? The majority of families go into debt each holiday. It adds unnecessary and unwanted stress to what should be a joyous season. It’s certainly no way to spend the holidays. So what’s the solution? Actually, if you start saving for the holidays right now you can enjoy a financially stress-free season. Here’s how:

#1 Become the Ghost of Christmas Past

Take a look at the past few years. How much did you spend? You’ll need to pull out old bank statements, credit card receipts and check book registers. Total the spending for the season. In addition to adding up the amount you spent on gifts, take a look at travel and dining expenses too. The average family spends around $700 on holiday gifts. That doesn’t include travel and dining.

#2 Take a Look at Your Future

Start making a list of the expenses you expect to have this holiday season. Make a list of all of the people you want to buy for and a …

How to Have More Fun This Weekend

Weekends are meant for fun. However, it’s easy to fall into a weekend rut. This is especially the case if you work all week and use the weekends to catch up on household chores and errands. And if your budget is tight then weekend fun may seem impossible. Here are a few tips, ideas, and strategies to have more fun this weekend.

#1 Get Outside

Getting out into the fresh air almost automatically puts a smile on everyone’s face. And guess what - nature is free. Walk to the park and play a game of Frisbee, football, or baseball. Head to the beach or pool and splash around. Take a nature hike or explore a new outdoor area in your community. Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

#2 Make a List

Make a list of the things that you want to do and can do on the weekends. This way, when you’re stumped for ideas you can simply turn to your list and make a choice.

#3 Put It on the Calendar

Many museums, zoos, and other community facilities offer discount days, free days, and special events. Make a li…